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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Mitten Update

I finished the body of the left mitten Saturday night:

I was in a particularly lousy mood and got really fed up when I realized the thing was too small for my own hand. Started wondering why I'd spent so much time on mittens in the first place. Was seriously ready to ditch the whole project and go back to something far less fiddly...but Middle Duckling stopped me. Not only is the mitten a perfect fit for him but he thought the squirrel was cool.

I think the whole "unique" concept was appealing too. My favorite part isn't the back but the palm--I really like the way the small pattern knit up. It's smooth and double-thick the way a Norwegian mitten ought to be.

I also can't get over how very well-designed the pattern is. That ladder-like border up the sides with the two light stitches separated by dark ones was particularly helpful in keeping track of which row I was doing.

Once I decided to keep going and do the other mitten the Fates rewarded me--I found my pair of short size-zero circulars. Now I won't have to do the other cuff on four double-points!

For those of you already sick of knitting content I give you a shot of my kitchen sink kitsch-ledge:

The statue on the far right is the St. Joseph I found in the garden.

Post Scriptum: Since composing the post I finished the left thumb and started in on the right mitten...ribbing went MUCH better with two circulars. Middle Duckling has already spirited the left mitten away to his Special Hiding Place so pictures will have to wait a bit.