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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Brief Catching-Up

So let's see, why did I abandon the six of you all week?

Oh yeah, workstuff about which I never blog.

I suppose I could blog a little bit: my boss retired this week so I became Interim Chief-of-Department while simultaneously interviewing for the permanent position and squeezing all my usual work around the edges of meetings.

Thursday was the biggest day: interviews back-to-back followed by a traditional retirement tea for my boss followed by a meeting I had to chair...I would've loved to go home and stay there but after dinner the Big Two and I took The Critters to the free rabies clinic. Partly because the clinic was 6 to 8 pm and it's a huge hassle to make and keep business-hours vet appointments (I don't do my own health maintenance worth a damn either) but largely because our vet's Big Issue is animal obesity and the beagle was fat enough to generate a lengthy and unpleasant lecture last year. Fine, cats in carrier and Loki on was outside at the county garage and our thinks-he's-a-terrier hound was intimidated by everyone, four-pawed or two, so he squatted and left a huge river in his wake. Which was okay since it was blacktop but then while I was filling out the forms he took a HUGE crap right in front of the registration table. After a whole day of lofty talk about running a multi-million dollar department, nothing keeps you mortal like a dog-dump in public. Fortunately they had plastic bags; unfortunately they had no trashcans so we ended up taking the poo away with us in the back of the van. I left a hefty donation and praised up the people doing the actual injections profusely before beating a hasty retreat with my horde.

Friday's highlights included Youngest Duckling's school presentation and making the acquaintance of my work-buddy's toddler son...also more interviews.

Came home to three extra kids--MIL took BIL for a weekend getaway so the Big Two are hosting back-to-back sleepovers. It's the boys Friday followed by the girls Saturday and yes I expect to be completely brain-dead by noon on Sunday.

Oh but "dead" reminds me: I really wish my camera hadn't died so I could show you how much nicer that perennial bed looks with the ring of rocks completed and the black plastic removed. Also that my daffodils have started to bloom...and that I found a statue of St. Joseph when I relocated the hen-and-chicks. At first I thought it was one of those Renaissance chess pieces. Wasn't quite sure what to do* with it so he's on my kitchen windowsill sandwiched between a Russian matryoshka doll and a made-in-China leprechaun holding pink roses.

In the book world I've been reading Alison Lurie's Only Children in dribs and drabs...this time she does CHILD point-of-view and does it quite well. Lolly reminds me of Youngest Duckling something fierce.

*Did you see that? Actual spells in post-millenial America? Fascinating.


Blogger Mel said...

Well, it's a good thing you have me around to try to keep you in line with the beagle, then. I shall commence the nagging immediately.

April 29, 2007 4:14 AM  
Blogger SamD said...

Fine...I'll let him poop on YOUR blacktop then! [grin]

April 29, 2007 9:21 AM  

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