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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Speaking of the Peonies...

They've grown quite a bit since I staked them:

My new perennial bed isn't doing too badly least not for its first spring:

The tulips are starting to fade--the early bloomers are waning and the late bloomers are coming into their own. The "Shirley" ones got a lot more purple over a week or two--see?



The other tulips before:
Very astute observers will notice four Shirley tulips amongst the Rembrandts...yes I was obsessive-compulsive enough to move them while in full bloom. I figured even if they withered instantly they'd be in the right spot for the following year...but they bounced back anyhow.

And today (May 20):

Oh and here's also the bouquet Youngest Duckling picked for me alongside a couple garden casualties:


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