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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Odds and Ends

I still don't have anything pithy...just random thoughts.

The New! Improved! Earlier! Daylight Savings Time doesn't suck quite as badly as I had feared. Getting up in the dark is a complete bitch but it's nice to have light at the other end of the day.

This is the only good song Metallica ever composed...although they also have one good cover.
Meanwhile this is my very favorite version of Little G Minor. (Yes my taste in music is eclectic.) I've created a third generation who likes these guys and have this on my work computer "favorites" list. I was crushed when this album became a casualty of living in the car but still sing along with all of this one. When I was about seven I said I'd marry the first guy who knew all the words to this song; this would be a fine new-millenium replacement for my kids. Once traded knowledge of this group for more knowledge of this fellow to the mutual betterment of both parties.

I managed to go for a whole forty-eight hours without hearing any Iraq news...I think that's a three-year record. Got stuck listening to a whole lotta way-too-early political non-news instead which is completely absurd--the election is some twenty months from now. Don't get me started, just don't.

The very tips of our split-rail fenceposts have showed up again; perhaps the snow will be gone someday.

This is the best wine I've ever drunk.

I don't much like teaching but feel a strong obligation to do a good job when called upon. Now I'm a "good explainer" and fearful of being tapped by our new academic officer for further duty.

When attempting to make lipgloss, one cannot substitute "cooking paraffin, peanut oil, lemon extract and a candle in the bathroom" for "beeswax, almond oil, peppermint oil and a low covered heat source." To protect the not-so-innocent I won't elaborate.

Winter must finally have driven me insane: I abandoned reading this wonderfully interesting treatise in favor of this book which I fear is going to be far too young for me. Why? Because the latter is a [drum roll] Library Book and therefore a ticking time bomb.

Actual Fiber Content (believe it or not this started life as a knitting blog): I have finished the Lapghan for MIL and need only weave in a few loose ends. Pictures someday maybe. I have also finished a whole slew of cotton squares and am working on another of those diagonal short-row muffler/scarf things of which I'm currently enamoured. I've been contemplating breaking out Wintergarden again too.

That's enough for now...practice tolerance y'all!


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