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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Property Rights...

...Don't exist when you're a Mom. Your kids are all little communists, like it or not.

Case in point:
Had a note from Eldest Duckling's orthodontist that I wanted attached to my handwritten note to send in with her to school today. Now I know I don't have any paperclips in this house (like anyone could keep THOSE around The Children) but I should have had two rolls of scotch tape on the shelf to the left of the sink and a roll of clear plastic packaging tape in the kitchen mom-drawer.

Did I have ANY tape in ANY of those locations? NO of course not!!!

Did any of my children have any freaking IDEA where any of the adhesive plastic might be? NO of course not!!!

Not only that but the Most Likely Culprit (Eldest) gave me attitude for accusing her to a greater extent than her siblings.

Did any of my tape show up? NO of course not!!! Eldest finally found a stapler gawdknowswhere and I used that.

During the cursory search for the tape I also discovered that BOTH my Mom-Screwdrivers (the ones with the gaudy floral handles from the checkout line at Ace Hardware) were missing too. Youngest Duckling kindly found one before the bus left but the other is still MIA.


If I see another smartmouthed kid on TV promoting the use of coal I'm going to start throwing things at the set. I'm talking about those gawdAWFUL ads produced by the new "Learn about Coal Campaign" sponsored by Americans for Balanced Energy Choices (ABEC).

No I WON'T put a link on this page; the ads piss me off too much.

The one I hate most starts with a brunette saying "Let's face are just better at technology than their parents." She then does a complete non-sequitur to tell us how by the time she graduates college coal will be a much cleaner energy source. Permission to barf, sir?!? Her initial statement is not only confrontational and wrong but not supported in ANY way and it has NOTHING TO DO WITH her second statement (and the entire point of the ad.)

If it weren't for Olbermann I swear I'd trash my set. Here's the link to the Oct 5 show I mentioned previously; his monologue at the very end is what I so loved:


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