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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Sporadic At Best...

...That's what this blog is going to become.

The whole pictures thing did irk me but I discovered I liked having the time back even more.

Do I still think blogging is totally fabulous? You bet. Do I think it's a great way to bring like minds together? Absolutely. But do I personally have to be keeping a blog? least not right now.

In a different universe I'd have lots more free time and be able to fully enjoy the medium and what it can uniquely offer an active participant...but in THIS universe I simply do not need another hobby. Cutting into the knitting time to blog about the knitting is rather absurd even when the pictures do turn out really well.

I'll still be reading of course, and I won't delete this blog outright...but it's going to slide quite a bit.

For now I'm still on "vacation" which is a week off work with no special plans...but walking back into an October that will be astoundingly busy. Every moment of pleasure, after all.


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