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Friday, October 06, 2006

Another Friday

...And I couldn't be more glad for it. I'd just better not even get started on work or home; this post would go into next week.

I'll do some current events instead:

This morning I was home later than usual and saw the first video of soldiers in the field I'd seen in weeks. Underneath all that (infernally hot, no doubt) protective gear those faces were so very YOUNG--what is That Man In Power thinking?!? I had to get out of there fast before I watered up...and now all those parental feelings have shifted to rage and anger at the administration that put our sons and daughters at risk for no good reason.

Keith Olbermann is my new hero for his closing monologue last night (Thursday Oct 5, 2006.)

The transcript isn't posted as of this typing (09:35 edt) but PLEASE read it when it gets there. He was so eloquent on All That Is Currently Wrong that I find myself somewhat worried about his having an "accident" in the future...although that's likely just stress making me paranoid.

Oh sheesh, Foley....(am I the only one who thinks it's funny that's also the name of the catheter?)

Because it's sex and therefore of more prurient interest than the war, every damned news channel is covering Foley and I'm already sick of it. He's proof of the first half of my Life Rule #8: Never trust a cleric or a politician; they neither one earn an honest living.

I'm not offended that Foley happens to like nubile young men but I am HUGELY offended by his hypocrisy!! I'm also pissed that the stupid fuck forgot that the term "jailbait" exists for a reason. He shouldn't face criminal charges if the young men were all of legal age of consent in their respective districts but I must say that if he'd stuck to the baby-faced eighteen-year-olds he would be on much firmer legal ground right now. Professionally of course he's toast either way.

I am also HUGELY offended that the media were trying to make this "pedophilia." Trust me, I know about pedophilia and that's not Foley. Pedophiles by definition like PRE-pubescent children, people! Thirteen-t0-eighteen-year-olds of both genders may be in a very gray area legally but they are NOT "children" in the pedophilic sense of the word...and if you don't trust my opinion then go to a bar mitzvah sometime.

Finally I am DAMNED sick of people like the local morning radio jock who had the attitude that it would've been better if it were sixteen-year-old GIRLs. No...that just shows that people are still fucked in the head with homophobia. It makes no difference whether he was soliciting a boy or a girl but of course there's a huge segment of the population who thinks it does....and I think they ought to all just curl up and GO somewhere.

I would also VERY much like to see what skeletons come out of the Democrats' closets. I don't for one second think they're any bit different from or better than Foley et al. Anyone who WANTS to run for political office should be immediately suspect. In an ideal world we would have to entice and cajole qualified people to run the show.

My new favorite political slogan: The Rapture is NOT an Exit Strategy.

The school shootings are tragic and my heart and grief go out to the poor parents and family...but ARMS in the schools are NOT the answer!! If my school district suddenly proposed to arm the teachers or even just have armed guards patrolling the halls I would yank my kids out faster than you can say "home schooled."

It also seems like the Crazies are coming out of the woodwork even more than usual...I'm thinking That Fucking War has caused the orange goo to come bubbling up from underground just like Ghostbusters 2--but I'd best get off cosmic balance in the Universe lest I start sounding like a crackpot.

On a far lighter note entirely: Three cheers for the new seasons of South Park and Drawn Together! As a bigtime Worlds of Warcraft player* I especially enjoyed South Park and the fact that Cartman got to be the smart one for a change. His mother though.....*sigh*

Back to the serious before closing: I heard last night that Secretary Rice had to circle for something like half an hour before landing because the Baghdad airport couldn't be secured--that is not reassuring for our long-term success in that region! It's also disquieting on a personal note because our family's serviceperson (every family has at least one) is an Air Force Lieutenant with a couple of kids younger than mine who is normally a flyboy but was assigned to a ground post at that airport for security. His mother must be beside herself.

Keep thinking good thoughts...and have a happy weekend.

* Nathrezim realm; Koyaanisqatsi guild


Blogger JoVE said...

And while you are ranting (sensibly btw), did you notice that the school shooting was a guy going in specifically to shoot girls. Letting the boys go first (reminiscent of a certain incident in Montreal on Dec 6 several years ago). And yet somehow this obvious misogyny is completely glossed over by the reporting.

October 06, 2006 9:14 PM  
Blogger WesWhiner said...

Well said, Samantha. I'm going to quote your new political slogan to quite a few friends :-) :-( :-/

October 07, 2006 12:21 AM  
Blogger SamD said...

Jove, yes the NONreporting of the misogyny does bother me.

Whiner, glad you like.

October 07, 2006 7:30 AM  

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