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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Cida and Lidia

A Story of Fellow Fiberists

Cida is my mother-in-law's oldest sister and Lidia is her oldest child. They both live in a remote part of Brazil (5 hours by bus from Sao Paulo) and I've never met nor spoken to either of them.

We're friends anyway because we're all fiber people. One interesting thing to me, a knitter in Upstate NY, is how differently people living in the tropics use their fiber. The lack of weather-related need means that wool is nowhere to be found and that crochet takes precedence over knitting. Today I want to share their work with you:

They both crochet all the time and this is a sample of their "beige work"---MIL has a toilet-paper holder that hangs over the back of a door which is similar in style. In a yet-to-be-unpacked box are several oval floor rugs in a heavier cotton that are FANTASTIC in the kitchen; I can't wait to find them.

This is the other style of rugmaking they do. It's in the needlepoint/crewelwork family.

(yes those are cat-paws in the background; Duncan wanted to be part of blogsterity.)

Middle Duckling is modeling my last year's Christmas present...

This lo-o-o-o-ng scarf, which they knit specially just for me because they knew I lived someplace where I WOULD appreciate wool. Neither one of them are knitters by preference so I was particularly touched.

Mostly though, they make these incredible dishcloths.

The edges are beautifully crocheted

And I have several more towels with these patterns (some of which the children have stained badly--there's a flip side to "must use the handcrafts.")

But the newest and most amazing development in their repertoire is that border: yes it's MACRAME.

Isn't it fantastic? Go ahead--click on the photo and really look.

Having been a child in the Seventies, I remember doing plenty of my own macrame including a nice handbag and about a million plant hangers but I would've never thought to scale it down like that...which is part of what makes it so exceptionally cool.

I was so impressed that I refused to let that one go in the drawer; it's now on display as a kitchen curtain.


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