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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

A Very Fiber Moment

Stopped by the cafeteria just now for a cup of tea and saw a woman in historical garb with a basket of FLEECE. I got that bright-eyed hopeful look that only we fiber-possessed get and gave her a smile so she, being a kindred spirit, walked right up to me so that I could see she also had a drop spindle about halfway full of yarn in her basket.

ME: Oooh! You SPIN!
SHE: Oh yes! This is Bertha, the prizewinning fleece from [our] County! holds basket out for me to touch
ME: fondling the tweedy tan wool OH she's so NICE!
SHE: Yes, she's a VERY nice sheep!

We grinned at each other and went our separate ways...but wasn't that just the neatest thing?!?

It's always nice to connect with a complete stranger.


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