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Flotsam is the part of the wreckage of a ship or its cargo found floating on the water. Jetsam is cargo or parts of a ship that are deliberately thrown overboard, as to lighten the ship in an emergency, and that subsequently either sinks or is washed ashore. This is my personal blog version of the above. Loot freely.

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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Kohala Bull Photo Shoot

This last shot has a horrid background but the pose was jaunty. All future pix to NOT have datestamp (and there was much rejoicing.)

Yarn Credits:
Body: Handspun "Kohala Gulch" wool, Big Island, HI.
Pupils, nose, tail hair: Cascade "Leisure."
Yarns for horns: One strand each of Berrocco "Cotton Twist," Lily "Peaches-n-Cream," Knitpicks undyed worsted wool and a no-name no-label yellow wool (very feltable) purchased from EBay years ago.
Horn stuffing: crafty pipecleaners (from Wal-Hell.)
Body/head stuffing: Polyester fiberfill (from local dimestore.)


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