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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Weekend Knitting

Last week I learned that gauge does matter: my mileage varied enough on the Mason-Dixon baby kimono that two balls wasn't enough yarn and I couldn't buy any more. Thus was born Plan B, a pair of baby booties.

Let's face it, I don't much care for making baby booties. My gauge is always loose so I have to use the teensiest of teensy stainless steel needles: 00000 ordered from Scotty Malone specifically for baby booties. Frequent flyers will also recall that I dislike making two the same of anything either.

Therefore it should come as no great surprise that I had to take time out to play with a stitch pattern that had been calling my name from the moment I saw it:

I now have a Very Laugh-In Potholder/Dishrag/Multipurpose Kitchen Cloth.

HBF: "'s loud..."
Eldest Duckling: "WOW!! NEAT!!"
ME: "Hey, this only LOOKS hard!"

Really, it's EASY.
If you can knit, purl and slip a stitch you can make this pattern. The slipped stitches do the hard part.

Once I got THAT out of my system, I got back to the booties. Babies are by definition a Greater Good so it's worth the effort to make them some swell lovin' booties.

I use indestructible acrylic (so it can be bleached indefinitely) even though it tends to split.

The final product.

Works in progress: Two pairs of feet that wore the very same booties. "Mother Owl" was a virtual stranger to me when she gifted my first pregnancy. That was my first example of charity knitting and I've tried to keep the faith. I've also kept the booties.

Had to take a break before starting the second bootie though. Does the cotton look familiar? And what are those lumps?

Yep, that's a bobble! Watch this space for progress on a hexagonal washcloth from the Mason-Dixon knitting book.


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