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Friday, July 07, 2006

Technical Difficulties...Again

My mosaic knitting "magic square" is almost (one row away) done so I jumped the gun and took pictures for you-all...

...Only to discover that my camera dock isn't speaking to my newly reinstalled version of Windows. Spent a half-hour just now tilting at that particular windmill and realize I will have to wait for the household IT Dept. to fix the problem.

DAMN but this infuriates me! I can remember when I wasn't a technological caveman: not only was I the only kid in my whole dorm with a Real Computer (Mac 512K; yes it survived the flood) but I had fucking PROGRAMMED my TI-55 calculator to do the quadratic equation for me a couple years prior.

Now I can't restart my own email or make my camera work. This is progress?

In other news, Augusten Burroughs was delightful and moving as always...though I didn't get the cover till the second day.


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