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Friday, June 23, 2006

Mosaic Knitting 2

So this is the "Magic Square" I'm trying... [the one in the lower right hand corner--I'd slap on an arrow if I knew how...]

...But it doesn't really look like much yet:

My thought is to make four coordinating squares from Speed-Cro-Sheen and sew them together for the front of a pullover. Then depending on how THAT part goes either do more squares or an allover design for the back and then think up some way to tackle the sleeves.

I tried violet with ecru yesterday and it was godawful loud and looked like a high-school sports team (our Rival Team, actually--Not Good) so I thought I'd try this combination. The idea was to have a violet pinwheel/fractal flower on a green background but now I'm not sure there will be enough contrast...or that I'm fond of the new combination either. I can't see the design yet at ALL but hope that will change over my lunch hour today.


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