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Tuesday, July 04, 2006


I heard it again in the grocery today: "All I could think of was the images of Katrina."

No. NO! NO!!

Dammit this may be the worst flooding my area has seen in 25 years but it is not, reapeat NOT anything like a hurricane. I am sick of hearing people trying to make more out of what happened than it was by comparing it to the devastation of three STATES. Katrina knocked a permanent hole in that area's economy and wrecked an entire region; this has knocked a hole in an interstate and wrecked the city of Binghamton and Delaware county. The TV talking heads had to work to find a family whose home and business had been flooded.

Every time I hear someone mention the K name it makes me FURIOUS for those people who DID live through Katrina and had their lives forever changed. Which is why I'm going to be shutting up about my basement very soon: best to lead by example. Everything finally got sorted into "garbage for the dumpster" and "keep" and the final vintage computer death toll was 29. Now it's time to move on to the Big MIL Move.

Yes folks, next week the household expands to seven human beings.


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