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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Just Text Today

Although I was pretty pleased to have been able to paste a blogthing and have it show up with its graphic intact, I can't see those becoming a regular feature. On the other hand, I've been identifying with that little animated girl since before I had kids of my own. I particularly like the episode with the fabulous substitute teacher: HBF occasionally jollies me out of gloominess with "do you need a piece of paper that says 'I am Lisa Simpson?'"

No, what I need is a Real Vacation. You know, the kind that isn't spent stripping insulation or hauling boxes or dealing with movers, repairpeople, real estate agents and attorneys. The kind with climate control, room service and interesting sights to see. The FUN kind of vacation. Which isn't going to be happening any time soon because vacation time is at a premium in my department. The earliest I could get away is mid-October. Staying sane till then may be challenging! On the other hand, The Boss announced his retirement plans last week and I'm the Heir Apparent so it's not all bad.

On the home front, I suppose I should run down a complete Cast List for you-all:

1) Yours Truly
2) HBF, husband and best friend...also consigliere, co-conspirator and hugely witty.
3) MIL, Brazilian mother-in-law new to the household as of last week.
4) BIL, autistic brother-in-law who has been a household member since 2003.
5) Eldest Duckling, our nearly-twelve daughter with more spunk than I had at twice the age.
6) Middle Duckling, our just-turned-nine son who is quiet but doesn't miss a trick.
7) Youngest Duckling, our six-year-old curly-haired spitfire.
8) The Critters:
Loki the Beagle
Feyd the Neurotic Cat
Duncan the Feisty Cat (both of them have FIP)
Candy the Gippy God (Youngest Duckling could only say "gippy pig" for ages...too cute!)

You see why I call it House of Chaos.

I'm the only child of an only-child divorcee and was a latchkey kid since about the age my daughter is now so I had a lifetime of solitude. When I went off to college the residence scholarship program meant that I got a single room in exchange for dorm housekeeping and I kept my solitude. (I went nuts the week HBF and I first started cohabitating.)

So this has all been quite an adventure.

I knew I'd reached a milestone last month when BIL and the Younger Ducklings were away visiting and I not only set their places at the table but started serving them till Eldest stopped me.

While I'm on the topic of eating, I have to mention the book I just finished: Scoot Over, Skinny: the Fat Nonfiction Anthology by Donna Jarrell and Ira Sukrungruang (

This book is amazing. Whatever your opinions about weight, body image, society and food there will be something inside to make you think. REALLY think. It will also disturb you. I give it my very highest recommendation.

I wish I had a clever closing line today but no luck. Peace, all.


Blogger JoVE said...

If you are the Heir Apparent, make sure you get some of that vacation in before it disappears into fantasy.

Mid-October dovetails nicely with NY Sheep and Wool, of course, which isn'T far away but might be worth incorporating into a real vacation.

July 20, 2006 2:27 PM  
Blogger Matt said... have a house full, don't you? :)

July 22, 2006 1:15 AM  

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