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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Something Textual

Yeah, yeah, I've been completely absent from the blogging world for a while. Oh wait, I forgot: we're the blogosphere when the talking newsheads are trying to sound trendy by mentioning us. Bite my tired keyboard ya morons; you'll impress me far more by learning how to speak the language.

Can you tell I'm a weensy bit cranky today?

Catch-up: My crazy mother came and went without major incident; we can thank hotel pools, complicated jigsaw puzzles and knitting for keeping me from going completely bugfuck while in her presence and wine for keeping me from doing same after she went back to her hotel room. She and Youngest Duckling hit it off pretty well which was a good thing since the Big Two didn't much care for her. I was surprised both at how much she'd aged in the past four years and at how much anger I had bubbling up each night.

But hey, I've done the Right Thing and lived through it which is more than can be said for many.

Also finished Eldest's blue-and-white mittens and am very nearly done with those glittens I showed you last post. Yeah yeah I know they're more correctly called "shooter's mittens" but since I don't currently shoot and have no plans to purchase firearms the half-glove-half-mitten moniker works just fine.

Did these puzzles too. Started them with Mom as something to do on the last day of her stay (10/8) then finished them the following Saturday night. Guess what are now mod-podged permanently together and packaged for mailing her way?

What I haven't been doing much is blogging. Partly because I've been waiting to get a new digital camera and partly because I've been having enough trouble maintaining correspondence with the people I've actually met in the flesh...but largely because my tiny corner of the virtual world just hasn't seemed that relevant lately. Writing is a selfish and time-consuming occupation and there are so many people doing it better and more frequently both in virtual and paper forms that my own words of wit have faded.

Some of the print words which have impressed me of late are these. So much so that I think hers may be the book everyone gets from me for Christmas this year.

(For the virtual words which impress and amuse me you have my blogroll.)

I gotta get back to the Real World now....


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