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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Yarn and Food

First the Easter Yarn all balled up in the basket:

And out of the basket.

I know the shots are wretchedly off-center; I'm still not used to adjusting for the difference between the viewfinder and the actual lens. Nor have I yet replaced the camera. Yes that is indeed snow in the background. Yes there's more on the way.

And now for some food ranting.

The latest "adulterated" foodstuff is yogurt. Went shopping on Monday wanting to get a nice tub of plain yogurt--you know, rotted milk. Couldn't find an unflavored brand which was JUST milk. Every single one of them had "inulin (a dietary fiber)" or pectin or modified food starch or sometimes all three. Every. Single. One. The cottage cheese is just as bad; Breakstone is so tasty because it's got modified food starch in it too.

I had to buy the local brand of whole-milk ricotta to get an ingredient label of "Milk, enzymes, salt." In the dairy products !! At least there IS a local brand I like. I am aware that option has become increasingly less available thanks to mega-agri-business.

I also quit letting the kids have ready-made breakfast foods. No more Pop-Tarts and Little Debbie Cakes much though I loved the ease and convenience. We're back to "healthy cereal" as defined by a pronouncable short ingredient list...and a whole lotta oatmeal. Fortunately MIL is willing to batch-produce the oatmeal (which suggests another rant for a different day about the time factor but I digress.)

It's all water under the bridge now but I don't think agri-business was the way to go. The additives are everywhere and they make the food damned tasty but they're also making us an increasingly larger nation. (Don't get me started on maltodextrin, mouth-feel and binge eating, just don't.) I still maintain that food additives are the biochemical equivalent of walking barefoot on Lego blocks all day every day...and they're mass-produced in countries not our own which means that entirely different sets of trade rules and corporate values apply.

I'd rant more but it's time to go to the office...I'll leave you with the word "insidious."


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