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Saturday, April 07, 2007

We're Dyeing

It's snowing outside which isn't that uncommon up here for Easter but we don't care. BIL, The Ducklings and I just dyed up a couple-three dozen eggs. Good thing most of us love hard-boiled eggs in all their variations, huh?

I couldn't very well let those lovely cups of intense food coloring-vinegar solution go to I grabbed a couple hanks of natural wool, ran them under the hot-water tap briefly and threw one each into big Tupperware containers. I poured the yellow, orange and red dyes over one hank, covered it with plastic wrap and nuked it for about four minutes before putting it on the (snow-dusted) glass patio table. I intend to repeat the process with the blues and greens after Eldest has finished her last masterpiece.

Pictures will follow but they've become a finite entity: now that the viewscreen (and therefore camera/user interface) of my digital camera has died, I can no longer erase the memory card. Using the rectangular glass viewfinder (annoyingly off-center from the lens itself) we can still take pictures which will automatically save to the memory card but once that card is full it's full--I can read images from the printer but not interact with the card (to my knowledge.) It's an interesting artistic limitation.

Yes I know the real answer is a new camera.

Off to finish dyeing...


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