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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Because I Was Asked...

...This is not only how we dyed the Easter eggs but also how we dyed the yarn--the leftovers from the coffeemugs got poured over wet yarn and microwaved.

In other news I'm in mild gardening hell. The boxful of perennial garden and poppies arrived last night but the weather is going to get stinky: "SNOWFALL TOTALS OF 7 TO 12 INCHES ARE EXPECTED BY MONDAY MORNING...WITH ADDITIONAL SNOW ACCUMULATION LIKELY THROUGH MONDAY EVENING."

Of course I didn't even have the bed prepared much less any topsoil purchased. Just spent a good hour removing sod so that the snow will soak into the bare dirt (and didn't get all of the grass off, either.)

Even with a good spade it's tough work; makes you wonder how anyone ever got buried up here before diesel engines.


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