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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Life Interferes

...with blogging, that is. Which is why the six of you missed me yesterday; I couldn't summon enough literary energy to even provide a link to STD treatment.

It's work and property ownership, both of which have been dragging me down. Way too many hours at the former and way too many dollars for the latter. You'd think those two would compliment one another but they don't thanks to that word "salary." Such is the way of the world.

I've still been knitting of course. With so many new babies in the forecast I've resigned myself to Bunches of Booties and even brought those Daggers-of-Megiddo quintuple-zero needles with me to the office today so I could do a few rows at lunchtime.

Which reminds me: I had a Happy Fiber Accident last night.

A few weeks ago while still in thrall to Mason-Dixon Knitting I went online-shopping for linen yarn and discovered that it doesn't come cheaply. I remembered that hemp was very similar to linen and lots socially I ordered some lovely aubergine sportweight from this place in Canada:

At least I thought it was sportweight. When the package arrived (with a huge "100% HEMP" sticker on the outside label) I discovered that it was indeed a lovely shade of purple...but it was fingering weight. Damn. Yes, it was my own error--even though I thought I had checked closely, I had asked for the wrong thing. I was irked because I don't care much for lace knitting but I wasn't about to send it BACK (Fiber People never return yarn) so I put it in the stash thinking "well I can always double it up for something."

Last night I was sick as snot of the happy duck-yellow indestructible and soft but VERY splitty baby acrylic that's been becoming a pair of booties. Thought I'd have to stab myself in the thigh with one of those damned steel pins if I put it through HALF the stitch yet again...when I remembered that I did have different "baby weight" yarn in the house. Grabbed the one skein I'd already balled up, cast on a fresh bootie, did a couple rows and LOVED it. Where has this stuff been all my bootie-making life?!? No splits, no fuzzies, no can't-see-the-damned-stitch.

My only concern is the durability factor: Baby wear needs to be indestructible and ought to be able to survive a hot-water-bleach load and I don't think this stuff will. I certainly intend to find out this space for before-and-after someday.


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