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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

My Stash is Pathetic

Seriously, it is. I've seen stashes that take up entire ROOMS; mine fits in one waist-high basket along with several WIPs (Works In Progress.) Naturally none of it is anything I want to use, either--that's the way life is. Ten items in all:

1: 16 balls of Speed-Cro-Sheen cotton in various colors purchased when I learned it was going to be discontinued.

2: 3 balls of a thinner crochet cotton purchased when I was temporarily insane since there's no way I'll ever actually KNIT with something that fine.

3: 3 tiny balls of white cotton thread--all that's left from a couple of cones of weaving thread purchased in 1991 when I was _amazed_ to find a yarn shop in town.

4: 13 1-oz balls of vintage hot-pink Sirdar "Talisman," a fine wool that needs to be doubled up to get to anything reasonable. Purchased on EBay for good yardage-to-cost ratio.

5: 10 1-oz balls of vintage turquoise Lister yarn, same fine weight, same reason for purchase.

6: 5 or 6 1-oz balls of vintage olive green Calypso "Emu" wool, also very fine but with a much smoother finish.

7: 8 skeins of stone-gray Berrocco "Cotton Twist" purchased to make the red wave-y jacket from Jean Frost Jackets

but reassigned after I realized I'd NEVER finish the thing.

8: 2 big balls of a vaguely sportweight bright yellow felts-like-crazy wool that was the pig-in-a-poke EBay purchase that taught me not to buy unlabeled fiber.

9: Maybe 2 oz total of Red Heart baby yarn in a mix of white, yellow and lavender leftover from baby booties.

10: (saved the best for last) 92 yards of Lane Borgosesia "Cash Silk" in light brown. This is by far and away the best yarn I've ever had; it's even better than Noro's Cash Iroha of which I'm VERY fond.

See? Completely lame.

Gonna have to fix that one of these days.


Blogger Dharma said...

So, er, are you, er, gonna be, you know, selling any of that stuff.

(showing my fiber addict status)

June 19, 2006 3:14 PM  
Blogger SamD said...

I'd be happy to trade for something...

June 19, 2006 3:43 PM  

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