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Monday, February 05, 2007

Afghan Update

As soon as I had a "half-diamond" done I pinned some squares together to see how it might eventually look:

If any of you know who the two people in that statue are, please leave a comment or email me--we inherited it from HBF's grandparents and I like it but would like it more if I knew something about it.

Here's a closer look:

That's actually the second "half-diamond" I made. The first time I followed the directions in the pattern and cast on only 30 stitches...then wondered why I ended up with something barely big enough to wipe one's nose. Thought about it a while and realized that even though the location of the two decreases every other row had changed from paired-in-the-center to at-each-edge, the total number of decreases needed to be the same to get the stripes to line up. The second time I cast on 60 same as for the squares and it came out just fine.

Yes you mathematical purists I realized that to make it fit perfectly I didn't really want four rows of plain in between the garter ridges since the diamonds were on a quasi-hypotenuse---but I also decided I didn't want to mess with having only three rows of plain between the ridges and that the squares could just stretch to fit. (There is that swell sewing word "ease" after all.) Worst outcome is that I'll have a bit of a scallop to the edges since the squares will want to pull back...and I'm okay with that.


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