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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Other Knitting This Weekend

My BFJ* got me the 2007 Knitting Pattern A Day calendar which had a pattern for some cute slippers on Wednesday January 3, 2007. Immediately I recognized the yarn as Lion's Jiffy which my dimestore keeps around so I had to try out the pattern. It really is as easy as the directions suggest but the slippers turn out large. They were originally going to be for me but even after going down in needle size to one that annoyed both the yarn and my hands the slippers remained far too large for my feet.

Which was fine since BIL needed a pair.

We call them his Pagliacci slippers because I went ahead and added the pom-poms thinking he'd like them...and he does. The slippers didn't leave his feet all weekend.

I had enough yarn left to make a headband for Eldest too: seed stitch over nine stitches.

The join isn't even too terrible.

I didn't realize it till I was knitting up the yarn but it's very "desert camouflage."

*Best Friend from Junior High School

NOTE: There really are photographs there; I saw them myself when they were posted and a couple of (sporadic) times since then. Yes I know Blogger is being particularly recalcitrant. It's a free service so I can't really complain.


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