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Monday, June 12, 2006


WorldWide Knit In Public Day (creation of Danielle Landes) was last Saturday, June 10.

I was visiting the MIL and didn't knit one stitch the entire weekend.

Had the following conversation with un-crafty non-knitter Husband-and-Best-Friend on the drive down Friday night:

Me [slowing down in front of the local yarn store]: Aw shoot...doesn't look like the knitting shop is doing anything for KIP day.

HBF: "Kip" day...?

Me: Tomorrow is WorldWide Knit in Public Day.

HBF: Oh YEAH! I heard about that [Sam turns head, surprised] and I got you a present. A knitting book by Lalla Ward.** I was hoping it would come before we left.


If this were a cartoon the next panel would show me completely surrounded by hearts and little popping bubbles and big ol' love waves. (They're still hanging around my shoulders now, three days later.) Knitting AND Dr. Who all because he thought of me....such a treasure of a companion have I!

**Lalla Ward (the Honourable Sarah Ward) (born 28 June 1951 in London) is an English actress and illustrator best known for playing the part of Romana in the BBC science fiction television series Doctor Who. She was the second actress to play Romana, a female Time Lord with the ability to regenerate. She was chosen to replace Mary Tamm in the part, after a guest appearance in another part in the Doctor Who story The Armageddon Factor in 1979.


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