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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

On Smoking:

Preface: I don’t smoke and never really have. Tried to pick it up from friends in college but never really could get past the taste, the smell, the cost or the nasty jittery feeling no matter how great it was to have a built-in hand prop.

That said…

On the first of the month, everyone who works at My Hospital got this little reminder in our inboxes from our COO....
You may be tired of this message but there is one small month before [My Hospital] becomes a smoke free organization. This is, of course, going to be challenging but is the right thing to do. Your role is to support this in every way. If you have questions about your role, please contact your supervisor until you get a clear answer. I expect all staff members to be respectful of the property of [My Hospital] and it's [sic] neighbors and I expect you to follow the organization's expectation of being a no smoking environment. We are here to help those of you who wish to stop smoking as well. I trust your professionalism and your commitment to our new direction in this endeavor. Thank you in advance.

I know it's the Wave of the Future but I am STRONGLY against all of these "no smoking anywhere on campus" policies nevermind that we have cancer nurses bitching about how other more enlightened places were going totally smoke-free back in the _Seventies_ and nevermind that some places already require employees to sign forms agreeing that they will not smoke at all even once during their eight-hour work shift.
I think we as a nation are going to be VERY sorry for _endorsing_ intolerance to this degree.

I also think that we should NOT cut out one of the ways that even _strangers_ are GOOD to each other: I've never seen a smoker NOT share a cigarette with someone in need, even if it's their very last one. Hell, that transaction even crosses language barriers! We're gonna be sorry for that part too, wait and see.
I plan to be like the Victorians and simply fail to see any smoking that might or might not be happening on these grounds.

I suspect that one of the big underlying reasons for "smoke-free" is the hope that My Hospital will save on the cost of health insurance for its employees.

Additionally I find it disturbing that my COO can't use the proper form of "its" when she writes.

So yes I AM "tired of this message", nevermind your thanking me in advance.


Blogger Ayman said...

word up homie!

June 06, 2006 1:37 PM  

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