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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Always The Knitting

Yes folks, there are three projects in the basket right now...even though there's usually only one project "live" enough for the honor. I stalled out on the whole Mitten Project at the fourth row of the thumb as you can see above...but won't they be nice if I can get another few hours of motivation before the first frost?

The dull-by-comparison brown striped bits of knitting are a couple triangles for the Endless Afghan I started ages ago; normally it lives in its own zippered plastic bedding bag but I was sick of working with two colors and couldn't figure out what Tiggers liked to eat next...

...till the new-project bug bite finally started to wheal up into something:

The "something" started out with a punctum: "y' really need a purple sweater. Not only did you just get that promotion but Eldest is always saying 'you need a little more color' and you've actually admitted that your fashion statement seems to be 'camouflage.'"

Swatching led me to realize that the rapidly developing itch was not going to be satisfied at a gauge anywhere near five stitches to the inch--for me that's US zeros, ones and twos. Solved that problem when I realized I'd serendipitously acquired TWO bags of purple yarn for the stash and combined one strand of Ray's Down-Home worsted with one strand of KnitPicks Crayon.

I also liked that option because I find all-wool to be hot but all-cotton to be not very bouncy. The combo-ball knits up at 3 stitches to the inch (my US size four needles) to produce a lovely cuddly-soft fabric with miserable stitch definition. What you don't see is my three nights worth of playing with knit-purl patterns all of which vanished into the color and texture.

What you also don't see is anything more than a back because I don't know where the thing is going yet. I've never started the Actual Knitting with so little plan before; I haven't even figured out whether I'm making a pullover or a cardigan. I got as far as "seed stitch makes a nice border" before "oh let's just start knitting already" took over.

So I did.

And now for something completely different:

Go watch THIS

The truth can be SO very funny, can't it?


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