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Friday, January 19, 2007

So What DO I Believe?

I believe that Order and Chaos are the balancing forces of the Universe and that they are fairly tied to our human constructs of Good and Evil but not completely and with a good deal of overlap. Frankly I think Gary Gygax got it pretty much all right.

I believe we’re each born with more of a "bend" one way or the other—toward Chaos or Order—and that we do our personal best when we "play true to alignment." I suspect that "bend" has to do with the spins of the subatomic particles of which we’re formed, but I tend not to mention that crackpot theory...or that I associate order with a warm pinky-salmony orange and chaos with a dark midnight blue, either.

Which means I adore what Matt Groening had Bender say in Futurama: "Good, Evil…Ah, they’re both fine choices; whatever floats your boat."

I believe the Universe is more complex and interconnected than we have any clue and that cosmology and quantum physics are a lot more linked to what we consider spiritual or religious beliefs than either side would care to consider.

I believe that humans made the gods in their own images, not the other way around. Also that the Universe is so fantastic and inspiring that we don’t need gods to explain its existence or our own; we should be happily praising what we do have and attempting to explore this vast wonderland with the cultural intellect and tools we’ve developed over the millenia.

I believe that as the current most evolved species on the planet we have an obligation to the earth and to our fellow humans not to make the path any worse for those who come after us. By "fellow humans" I mean exactly that: ALL humans, not just those of whatever particular in-group makes us feel comfortable.

Speaking of humans, I believe that what makes each of us "us"--our soul if you like--lives in our brains and our white cells.

I believe a bunch of other stuff too, but that's enough heresy for a snowy Friday morning.


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