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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

There's Been Knitting, Too

I finished those booties.

Also made what turned out to be a blanket for Eldest Duckling's "Samantha" doll--it was supposed to be a washrag but turned out way too big and floppy (which is a problem the Loudly Laugh-In Dishcloth has too.) Even on things where it shouldn't, gauge matters.

So I found some smaller needles (US #1) and started cranking out cotton. These are for Lidia; MIL is leaving for Brasil on the 5th. Astute viewers will also notice that ball of pink Speed-Cro-Sheen in the basket--that's for the other co-worker's girlbaby booties. The hemp yarn (that smudge of purple on the left) didn't have enough body to make for a good baby bootie. It also wasn't exciting enough to do a before-and-after of the swatch washing--softened a bit but didn't change enough to be photo-worthy.


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