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Monday, August 28, 2006

Just Text Today...

...Yes folks, only my words with no accompanying illustrations. Which is just as well since it's not much fun to illustrate "old" and "angrily overworked" which pretty much sum up my mood today.

"Old" is my own fault; I should've never watched The Breakfast Club with my kids. It's a great and fabulous movie and I was happy that Eldest Duckling loves it as much as I do, but it was definitely an age-defining moment to be standing in the kitchen making dinner and adoring the movie while watching my KIDs adore the movie...cue "Sunrise Sunset" from Fiddler on the Roof. It was even more age-defining to go googling to see what Judd Nelson looked like these days. (I let them watch the original Ghostbusters without me but was happy to see that Harold Ramis has been aging just fine.)

"Angrily overworked" will eventually go away. Eventually.

Yes, there was knitting: more cotton dishrags and washcloths since that trip to Brazil is fast approaching. Much though I like it I'm getting damned sick of cotton though: I took a break to play with (gasp, choke) Red Heart. Yes, Red Heart--fiber purists may now delete me from your blogrolls at will. Sure it knits up a lot like the plastic bags from the store where it was bought, but its bright colors are indestructible no matter WHAT you do to it which makes it the medium of choice for afghans and baby blankets.
Anyhow the Red Heart is gonna be a baby blanket for a baby even newer than the girl who still needs booties...sure my priorities are skewed but I wasn't about to get involved in a set of cotton booties when I was already sick of cotton dishcloths. I sense the need for springiness though and suspect I'll be breaking out the wool soon. Which is funny since interpreting "spring" as relating to weather rather than tension would give so completely different a meaning to the sentence that one would be expecting "cotton" or "linen" or "fine-gauge" right before that "soon." Trust me, I mean bounciness.

No, there was no photography: the camera stayed on its docking station all weekend. Mostly because it was raining and dreary and I didn't feel like setting up interior lighting. Yeah, photography really IS all about the light and I didn't want to work that hard.

What DID I do all weekend? A lot of Worlds of Warcraft. It's our household computer game and yes indeed it's surprisingly easy to lose a whole weekend that way. Those of you who know the game will understand...for those of you who REALLY know the game I run a warlock named Thesra in the Nathrezim realm.

I also made the mistake of getting a copy of Kentucky Fried Movie. That thing was so bad I ended up apologizing to the family Sunday morning after we tried to watch it Saturday night. I'd heard it was a great spoof in the vein of Groove Tube and Amazon Women on the Moon but it just didn't work for us.

Must go have meeting with boss now....


Blogger Barbara said...

I get the "old" part Sam. My youngest boy - my little baby that I remember being born - turned 30 this past weekend. And the brat had the nerve to point it out to me when I called him for his birthday that it was just as much an aging milestone for me as it is for him.

Who raised him to be such a smart alec?

Oh yeah, that was his father....

so, commiserations from an older mom.

Oh, BTW - my 7 grandchildren - yeah - they rub it in too. dang it... lol

August 28, 2006 4:41 PM  

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